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✅ Monthly Lessons
✅ Access to the Private Group
✅ Exclusive Interviews
✅ Challenges,tasks & assignments
✅ Tools and Templates
✅ Monthly Live Q&A Sessions
✅ Cancel Anytime
What is it?
• A Comprehensive Online Data Academy
• Step-by-step Video Lessons
• A Private Community of Data-Minded Peers
Continuous Education Membership
• A Unique Coaching Experience
Who is it for?
• Experienced Data Leaders.
• Data people looking to advance their careers.
• Team Leaders.
• Anyone in the Data field who wants to invest in their future and in their career by learning online and participating in a challenging community.
How does it work?
• Sign-Up for a Monthly or Annual Subscription
• Start learning crucial skills to advance your career.
•Be part of a Private Community of data professionals who are on a similar path.
• Put in practice what you learn here and see the results.

"Thanks to the DataSquad Academy, I feel confident I can make significant progress towards my careers goals"
- Paul P.
"Using the skills I learned here, I was able to move to a different more rewarding job"
- Susan W.
What is The Data Mastermind?
From: Cristian Gomez
To: Future Data Masters
Dear Student,

Welcome to the Data Mastermind Group,
I created this program to help you become a Master in what I call the 3 Core Areas of a "Data Professional":

✅ Technical Skills

✅ Business Skills

✅ Data Leadership Skills
I've been working in the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics industry for more than 15 years, and as many of you, I started in the with Excel!

Then, I quickly realized I would have to move to a more sophisticated tool in order to create a meaningful and rewarding data career.

I wasn't wrong on that idea, but that was only HALF of what was required to succeed.

Over the years, I've learned that knowing technical solutions and holding certifications is not the ONLY thing you need to succeed at being a Data Analyst, Data Leader or a Data Expert... 

You will need more.

Those extra skills are usually hidden behind a cloud of technical tools and certifications, I'm talking about skill such as: how to present your data and new insights or How to Lead a highly performant Data team or how to convince your executives to invest in a Data Project, among others.

That is why I decided to create the DataSquad Academy, to make that journey less painful for you, to pave the way to your data career success.

This is what I can offer you:

👉 I will be your Data Career Coach, I will challenge you and push you to become the best.

👉 This Academy will be your Central Place for all things Data, technical and non-technical.

👉 I will help you Advance Your Career by increasing your skills and improving your mindset 

👉 I will be 100% HONEST with you, no bullshit.
THis is NOT for everyone
If you think you know everything there is to know and that you are an expert at every level of the Data Professional career, then I simply can not help you and I which you the best.

I help my students to MASTER every area they need to advance their careers and become better versions of themselves.

My Academy will not be useful if:

❌ You are not willing to put in hard work and follow advise from a Coach.
❌ You think you are and expert at everything.
❌ You don't want to advance your Data Career.
❌ You don't want to participate on a community of data professionals.
❌ You are not ready to be challenged to become the best.
Here's my promise to you...
👉 I promise, if you don't do the work and invest in yourself, you are withholding your career.

👉 If you try my academy and don't see positive results, I'll be refund your money.

👉The Data Mastermind is a monthly subscription, you can cancel at anytime for any reason.
You can cancel at anytime. This offer is 
So don't let this opportunity pass you by...

Click the button below to get started immediately 👇
Love & Warm Regards,

Cristian Gomez

P.S. Let me summarise the deal again real quick:

The chance to join The Data Mastermind for just $90 AUD a month.

It's one of the most comprehensive, yet affordable Mastermind groups available. And as a subscriber, here's what you get:

Access to our Private Group of Data Masters. This is where you'll be able to network and learn from masters and leaders on a mission to empower all areas of their lives.

✅ Access to your own Data Mastermind Dashboard, where I post my content (new uploads occur every few days). This high level content is designed to help you empower every area of your Data Career via HD video training, downloadable tools, worksheets, challenges & assignments. 

✅ Access to our Live Monthly Meetings, where I present a private learning session, answer all your questions in real time, reward top performing Data Masters with cash and other prizes and set new challenges for the month.

✅ Access to The Monthly Masterclass. Each month, we have a new theme and a new area to master. From finding your purpose and your niche, growing your professional brand, managing your time to mastering and planning your data career. The Masterclass will be teach by myself or by guest Teacher.

You can cancel anytime for any reason, no questions asked.

So click the button to join before this opportunity passes you by!
Get the tools that you need to Learn and Succeed!
The Data Mastermind includes Templates, Tools & exercises  to help you build, plan and move your Data Career to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long and detailed are the Masterclasses?

The Data Masterclasses consist of 1-3 hours of step-by-step video training. Each class is accompanied by at least one tool or downloadable worksheet. 

Activities, and action tasks will also be issued monthly.
What currency is the Data Mastermind priced in? 

Australian Dollars (AUD)
How much content is included?

Data Mastermind will contain over 100+ hours of high definition video lessons tutorials including Exclusive podcasts and interviews, exercises, challenges, templates and tools to help you learn and put these lessons in practice.

Every minute of content contained in the modules has been designed and has the potential to help you advance your career.

I am constantly adding new content to the Data Mastermind in the 4 key areas of Mastery.
What tools will I receive?

Every class and lesson has its unique set of tools, and by the way, as part of the Monthly membership, you will get access to all new content and tools added every day.

Some of the tools you are going to get access are:

✅ The Niche Finder Template
✅ The Offer Builder
✅ BI Software Selection Tool
✅ Data Project Selector Template
What if I need support or have further Questions?
My team and I are always happy to help you decide what is right for you.

If you have questions or not sure if the Data Mastermind is right for you, shout us an email to and we will get back to you with some help.
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✅ Monthly Lessons
✅ Access to the Private Group
✅ Exclusive Interviews
✅ Challenges,tasks & assignments
✅ Tools and Templates
✅ Monthly Live Q&A Sessions
✅ Cancel Anytime